theOCMD Mixtape: Songbirds

The days are shorter, the nights are colder. And so I found myself compelled to make a mix to fit this mood. So here it is, a collection beautiful, etherial sounds from some of my favorite female artists. Songbirds who are Mon the rise whose sounds you can curl up to…or fly away with.

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Twin Shadow Remixes

How nice of George Lewis Jr. – aka Twin Shadow – to load up all of his remixes into this handy dandy SoundCloud set for us all to enjoy. While none of these are necessarily new tracks, I’ve been enjoying the collective reprise of these classics from Surfer Blood, Lemonade, Bear in Heaven and more. Kinda like a walk down indie music lane, circa 2010.

The OCMD Mixtape :: Lime Taffy

the OCMD Mixtape“Lime Taffy” [audio]

  1. Lubec – “Your Magic Wand”
  2. Coasting – “What You Want”
  3. Hornet Leg – “Wait”
  4. White Fence – “Growing Faith”
  5. Kelley Stoltz – “Rock and Roll with Me”
  6. Devendra Banhart – “Lover”
  7. Girls – “Heartbreaker”
  8. Papercuts – “Do What You Will”
  9. Woods – “Deep”
  10. Spectrals – “7th Date”
  11. Tennis – “Seafarer”
  12. Smith Westerns – “Weekend”

[Mixtape] Love, San Francisco

Love, San Francisco

  1. “Original Sin” – Geographer
  2. “Hesitation” – E x r a y’ s
  3. “Mild Confusion” – Tamaryn
  4. “Pure” – Blackbird Blackbird
  5. “Cut from a Different Clay” – Phantom Kicks
  6. “Rocketeer” – Sunbeam Rd.
  7. “Marmalade” – Sea of Bees
  8. “Spark” – Grand Lake
  9. “Mama Fell Asleep” – fpodbpod
  10. “Heartbreaker” – Girls
  11. “Hot Sprawl” – Man/Miracle

the OCMD Mixtape: Permanent Ink

The OCMD Mixtape: Permanent Ink

May love, laughter and music be with you always, CMC and AJH. Congratulations on your nuptials, beautiful love, new life and ink together. Here’s to you and the many music memories we’ve shared. And….uhh… my apologies for committing the worst party foul in wedding reception history. When it comes to shotgunning beer, I’ll always be on the J.V. team. *sulk*

  1. LCD Soundsystem – “Someone Great”
  2. Radiohead – “Nude (Holy Fuck Remix)”
  3. Caribou – “Shes’ the One”
  4. Phantogram – “When I’m Small”
  5. The Black Ghosts – “Full Moon”
  6. Atlas Sound – “Walk a Thin Line (Fleetwood Mac Cover)”
  7. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – “Hysteric”
  8. The XX – “Islands”
  9. The Temper Trap – “Love Lost”
  10. Broken Bells – “The Ghost Inside”
  11. Elbow – “Forget Myself”
  12. Yo La Tengo – “Periodically Double or Triple”
  13. Imperial Teen – “Everyone Wants to Know”
  14. Local Natives – “Sun Hands”
  15. Spoon – “Got Nuffin”
  16. Kings of Leon – “On Call”
  17. TV on the Radio – “DLZ”
  18. The Soft Pack – “Answer to Yourself”

the OCMD Mixtape: S.P.L.A.T.

Fawk. I’m just going to lay here in my pretty little skirt until it’s all over. Can someone come get me when it’s done? Thank you.

the OCMD Mixtape: “S.P.L.A.T.”

  1. Sonny & The Sunsets – “Too Young to Burn”
  2. Ty Segall – “So Alone”
  3. King Khan & The BBQ Show – “Invisible Girl”
  4. The Pharmacy – “Coldest Morning Light”
  5. The Peelies – “Them”
  6. Malachai – “How Long”
  7. Jeff the Brotherhood – “Heavy Damage”
  8. Tame Impala – “Make Up Your Mind”
  9. Geographer – “Original Sin”
  10. The Radio Dept. – “Domestic Scene”
  11. Future Islands – “Inch of Dust”

The OCMD Mixtape: Done

the OCMD Mixtape:Done

  1. The National, “Terrible Love”
  2. Future Islands, “As I Fall”
  3. Tame Impala, “It’s Not Meant to Be”
  4. Built to Spill, “Done”
  5. The Besnard Lakes, “And This is What We Call Progress”
  6. Heartless Bastards, “Blue Day”
  7. The Veils, “It Hits Deep”
  8. Alberta Cross, “The Devil’s All You Ever Had”
  9. The Vision of a Dying World, “Mantra/What Is and What is Not”
  10. The Helio Sequence, “Lately”