Canyons – “When I See You Again (Nick Zinner Remix)”

Canyons – “When I See You Again (Nick Zinner Remix)”

I hit repeat on this track three consecutive times while driving across the Golden Gate Bridge today. It felt that good. Nick Zinner of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs remixed this version of Canyons’ –  “When I See You Again”-  from their 2011 Keep Your Dreams release. The track, released today, is part of a remix bundle featuring reworks by DJ Kaos, Duke Dumont, Morgan Geist, and Nick Zinner, is out today worldwide.

[Free LP] Night Moves – “Colored Emotions”

Night Moves – “Headlights”

When faced with the challenge of tackling my email inbox or SoundCloud inbox, I always default to the latter. It’s so much more pleasant, and there’s always a good nugget to be had, like this discovery from Minneapolis-based Night Moves. They released their debut album, Colored Emotions, today on Afternoon Records that sounds oh so rad. And by the way, they’re giving it away for free here. Happy Tuesday!

Britain’s Answer to The Cold War Kids…

Hey Sholay!

The amount of good music floating around this globe seems to be endless. This track came to me by way of the Sheffield-based group, Hey Sholay!, that at first listen reminded me of The Cold War Kids. The vocals especially smacked of Nathan Willett. Although a more accurate description of their sound might be The Cold War Kids meets Local Natives, but whatever the musical reference… I liked it! The group is getting ready to release their first single in June. A double A side of this track, “The Bears, The Bees & No Clocks”, and “Dreamboat.” Good luck guys! We’ll be watching….

Demo of the Day: Drive – “No Feel”

Ahhh, this is what I love about blogging, the internets, and Soundcloud. Demos from bands constantly find their way into my inbox. Some good, most not so much. But when I listened to this track from the London group Drive, I smiled. It’s so classic Britpop and represents everything I love about that genre. And the fact that there’s nothing on the internet about this group, except for demo, makes it even better. Let the British hype machine prevail! So here you go, your demo of the day.

[Free EP] Daughter – “Run”

Daughter – “Run”

Lots of lovely tracks from talented songstresses hitting my inbox of late. This one from Daughter, a 21 year old North Londoner by the name of Elena Tonra, caught my attention. Just listen to her demo “Run” and you’ll see why. A pure, beautiful voice like that of Bat For Lashes’ Natasha Khan. She’s unsigned, but likely not for long. Download her EP for free here.

I Never Listen To Your Mixtape…

Artist: Lady Fortune
Album: The Light from the Television EP
Homeland: UK
Label: Moorhouse Records
Release Date: 12/13/10 (or 13/12/10 for you Brits)
Featured Track: “Mixtape”

Don’t you love when the lyrics to a song just nail it? Yeah, I got that feeling when I listened to this track from UK-based Lady Fortune. I knew from the moment I heard it that Nick (the vocalist who sent me it) and I were going to get along. I completely agree with his mixtape sentiments. (Eye to eye, Nick.) It reminds me of what I like most about music, which is it’s ability to more elegantly express or articulate a sentiment or feeling. Even if that sentiment is music snobbery.  With a sound a bit like The Strokes meets Jamie T., they’re beginning to make some buzz across the pond. Their new EP, The Light from the Television, is due out on Moorhouse Records next month.

Bastard Lovechild of Rock ‘n Roll [Free EP]

Bastard Lovechild of Rock ‘n Roll“Booty Makin’ Baby Shakin’

Meet the Bastard Lovechild of Rock ‘n Roll. Need I say more? Well, alright. This Florida-based duo have just release their debut EP, Bim Bom. A gritty, raunchy, psychedelic (and oh-so-satisfying) dose of rock ‘n roll. And with band members calling themselves Cookie Sugarhips (vocals,guitars, keys) and Hot Damm Sweet Huckleberry Winn (percussionist, blues harp, keys), what’s not to love? Grab their EP for freeeee here.