Indierockgirl Radio // Vol 34 – The Best of 2015…so far

Summer’s gone for most of you, but just getting started here in San Francisco. Yahoo! Volume 34 of Indierockgirl Radio features my best of 2015…so far. Enjoy!

This Week on Indierockgirl Radio // Rock Band Land & Rainbow Beast


For all you hipster parents concerned your child has yet to be in a cool band, there’s help. My special guests this week on Indierockgirl Radio are Brian Gorman and Marcus Stoesz of Rock Band Land and Rainbow Beast, a collaborative music and creativity program aimed at children ages 4-12 that is inspiring the next generation of San Francisco rockers.

Tune in Thursday, March 19, from 4-6 PM PST on  to meet the minds behind this ingenious program. That’s right, kids. All you gotta do is click that link to listen – from your computer, phone, car…anywhere on the Interwebs. Join us. It’s gonna be a hoot!


Indierockgirl Radio // Vol 16 with Sylvie Simmons + The Octopus Literary Salon

A very special Indierockgirl Radio show, featuring guests Sylvie Simmons and Oakland’s  The Octopus Literary Salon. Sylvie is an acclaimed music journalist turned recording artist and performs a few tracks from her new album, Sylvie. The Octopus Literary Salon joins us for a guest DJ appearance, spinning some of their favorite tracks and performing spoken word.