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  1. Very strange coincidence…you were in front of me @ the Dan Auerbach show & now you’re a favorite blog of mine. We seem to share music tastes & are both supremely tall….

    nice job,

  2. I love your blog, thank you!
    I live in Tahoe, and rarely get to the city but I need to come down there to move a piano I loaned to a friend…I would love to see a show while I am down there, it would be within the first 2 weekends of April -Thursday-Sat. I will book the movers upon knowing which show to see.



  3. I just read your post on “Where Are The Women Music Bloggers? Or The Fans?” and I wanted to connect. Thanks for being here (in music) and being what you are (an awesome woman).

    I write about women in hip hop. If there’s any way that I can be of assistance to you please let me know.

    La Blaxicana

  4. i came across your blog when i clicked “white denim” under my own tags. i’ve been reading through your archives and i’ve enjoyed it a lot. i have a little music review blog (along with a few others) that i just started. check it out at, if you like it maybe you could link to it. again, it’s just beginning so it will only get bigger (hopefully).

    keep up the good writing.


  5. Good day The OCMD,

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  6. Hi there. Im a fan of your music taste, got hold of some new sounds coming here. So thanks for that! Thought since you’re always searching for new stuff, I’d share you my youtube channel link. I’m sure you’ll pick up stuff there you like. Dont have a blog like you, but i like posting up new music playlists each month. If ya want to give it a try heres the link.


  7. Hey!
    We are a Belgian electro pop band, we thing you might like our univers.Please not hesitate to provide us your feedback or post the video if you adhere with the project.

    thanks for your time 😉

  8. Hi, I was looking for someone to help fix my sons. I presently have sons in my restaurant and it is constantly turning off or disconnecting speakers. There must be too much interference in the restaurant but I don’t know how to fix it. Any suggestions?

  9. First time on your blog and want to say I absolutely love the name and it’s something I’ve know I have suffered from for years. See you at a show sometime.

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