Electronica Fans: Meet Hyperstory [MP3]


Hyperstory“A Happening”

Here’s a tasty treat that landed in my inbox and very much appealed to my latent electronica/trip hop sensibilities.  Say hello to LA-based Hyperstory, the musical identity of Los Angeles based musician C. Scott Blevins. Due out November 10, his self-titled album oozes ambient beats and textures reminiscent of Gorillaz.

5 thoughts on “Electronica Fans: Meet Hyperstory [MP3]

  1. I received an advance copy and was very impressed. It reminds me of Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” – no it is not equal to but it sure is similar. If you are looking for music that captures your mind and imagination, you might want to give it a try. I like the child background chorus, plus I think the cut “A Happening” is top bill board material.

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