Electronica Fans: Meet Hyperstory [MP3]


Hyperstory“A Happening”

Here’s a tasty treat that landed in my inbox and very much appealed to my latent electronica/trip hop sensibilities.  Say hello to LA-based Hyperstory, the musical identity of Los Angeles based musician C. Scott Blevins. Due out November 10, his self-titled album oozes ambient beats and textures reminiscent of Gorillaz.

Mixtape: Best Songs of 2008 – Electro/Pop


As many of you who read this blog already know, I’m mostly indie rock girl but I do dabble in a little indie pop/electronica from time to time. I am attracted to that Euro/ambient/dub pop/downtempo groove. However, it’s the rare album in this genre that can hold my interest all the way through. Which is why you won’t find many (if any) electro/pop albums on my top 20 list for 2008

But there were many great songs of this variety that stood out to me this year.  And here is a compilation of some of those tracks that moved me.  I love listening to this mix and hope you will too. Enjoy!

Listen to Best Songs of 2008 – Electro/Pop:

  1. Koushik, ‘Lying in the Sun
  2. Air France, ‘Collapsing at Your Doorstep’
  3. Martina Topley-Bird, ‘Phoenix’
  4. The Black Ghosts,Full Moon’
  5. Nightmares on Wax, ‘195LBS.
  6. The Notwist (Panda Bear Remix), ‘Boneless’
  7. Tobacco, ‘Hairy Candy’
  8. Lemonade, ‘Sunchips’
  9. Raised By Robots, ‘I Love You/U Luv Me 2′
  10. Starf**ker, ‘Florida’
  11. Rafter, ‘Juicy’
  12. Cut Copy, ‘Lights & Music’
  13. Nightmares On Wax, ‘Da Feelin’
  14. Rainbow Arabia, ‘Omar K’

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Air France Video – Collapsing at Your Doorstep

Swedish electronic duo, Air France, have released a new video for the track Collapsing at Your Doorstep’ off their import-only EP No Way Down.  Their sound is very St. Etienne.  It’s sorta like a dream.  No… better.

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Nightmares on Wax : New Track – 195lbs

It’s electronica day!  I was excited to find this exclusive stream of the new Nightmares on Wax track, 195lbs, on RCRD LBL today.   The track is from their yet to be released album, ‘Thought so…’, which is scheduled to drop August 25.  

I pretty much own every NOW album and look forward to adding this one to my collection as well. They consistently produce the kind of electronica music I’m so fond of – the downtempo, trip-hop variety.

Check out the exclusive stream of 195lbs here.

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Black Moth Super Rainbow [Black Crystal Bands, Part 8]

Hey, look!  More psychedelic sounds from the ‘Black’ band contingent.  This one in the form of the otherworldly, electronica variety –  á la Air and Octopus Project.  My music friend Noah turned me on to their 2007 release, Dandelion Gum, last year.  I like it a lot and find myself gravitating toward this kind of ambient, ethereal music in the wee hours.

BMSW will be releasing their new album, Drippers, in September.  You can pre-order a limited edition scratch-n-sniff version of the CD or 10″ here.  Check out the track Happy Melted City from their forthcoming release or download Bonus Drippers for free now – which is a bunch of old, unreleased songs.

Here’s their creepy video for the Dandelion Gum album track, Sun Lips.

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