Stuck In My Head: Tune-Yards, “Want Me To”


Tune-Yards, “Want Me To”

After drowning myself in Atlas Sounds’ ‘Logos’ for the past few weeks, the discovery of Tune-Yards was the perfect experimental elixir to divert my attention. Like Bradford Cox, Tune-Yards, is a solo project comprised singularly of New England native Merrill Garbus. Her debut album, Bird Brains (note: this is the second Bird Brains entitled album to be featured on the OCMD in a week!  hmmm.), released on vinyl by 4AD Records earlier this year. Recorded on a digital voice recorder and assembled using shareware mixing software, she’s produced an impressive DIY album infusing intoxicating drum patterns and tape loops with a worldly vocal rhythm reminiscent of M.I.A.

“Want Me To” is a track from the recently released ‘Bird Droppings’ digital EP.

6 thoughts on “Stuck In My Head: Tune-Yards, “Want Me To”

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  2. “…with a worldly vocal rhythm reminiscent of M.I.A….”

    This is the worst, “straight-from-the-press-release,” inaccurate, awful comparison I’ve ever heard. I like Tune-Yards, and have heard M.I.A., and must implicitly state how lazy and unbecoming that comparison is.

    Next time you are going to hit “publish,” please reconsider.

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