Best of 2009 by Anna of Stranger Dance

Who: Anna, Local Music Editor
Blog: Stranger Dance
Location: San Francisco
Twitter: @strangerdance

The OCMD Best of 2009 Questionnaire

  1. Best Album: Tie – Various Artists – Dark Was the Night / The Rural Alberta Advantage – Hometowns. Not sure if some will count Dark Was the Night as year-end worthy because it’s a compilation, but I just can’t leave it out.
  2. Most Overlooked Album: Brendan Benson – My Old, Familiar Friend. Maybe some won’t consider this album as overlooked, but I felt like I should have seen more coverage of it across the blogosphere.
  3. Best Song: Tie – The Books ft. Jose Gonzalez – “‘Cello Song” (Nick Drake cover)/Fanfarlo – “I’m a Pilot”
  4. Best Live Show: Tie – The Tallest Man on Earth, the Independent, 7/2/09 / Bon Iver, Fox Theater, 9/24/09
  5. Band/Artist I am most happy to have discovered: Fanfarlo
  6. Band/Artist I kick myself for missing: J. Tillman, both at Cafe du Nord in August and the Great American on December 4th. D’oh!
  7. Band/Artist everyone seems to love but I just canโ€™t get behind: Dirty Projectors. And Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros (except for that “Home” song, that song warms my lil’ heart).
  8. Favorite SF Band: There are so many, but I always come back to Or, the Whale. Grand Lake is probably my latest local favorite.
  9. One to Watch in 2010: Sleepy Sun – local and fabulous.

3 thoughts on “Best of 2009 by Anna of Stranger Dance

  1. I love Stranger Dance and their list, and nice to read yours personally Anna! I actually didn’t like the new Brendan Benson nearly as much as I thought I would, though we did cover it. And yeah Dark Was The Night should def be up there. Compilation be damned. (PS I love “Home” too. And it took me a while to warm to both groups but I have now and I’m happy ๐Ÿ™‚ )

  2. Thanks Lee and Adam!

    And Adam, my friend Curt took the photo with a regular old point-and-shoot – I still can’t believe how well it turned out. It was taken back in 2006, but I still use it often because it’s so awesome. ๐Ÿ™‚

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