Best of 2009 by Anna of Stranger Dance

Who: Anna, Local Music Editor
Blog: Stranger Dance
Location: San Francisco
Twitter: @strangerdance

The OCMD Best of 2009 Questionnaire

  1. Best Album: Tie – Various Artists – Dark Was the Night / The Rural Alberta Advantage – Hometowns. Not sure if some will count Dark Was the Night as year-end worthy because it’s a compilation, but I just can’t leave it out.
  2. Most Overlooked Album: Brendan Benson – My Old, Familiar Friend. Maybe some won’t consider this album as overlooked, but I felt like I should have seen more coverage of it across the blogosphere.
  3. Best Song: Tie – The Books ft. Jose Gonzalez – “‘Cello Song” (Nick Drake cover)/Fanfarlo – “I’m a Pilot”
  4. Best Live Show: Tie – The Tallest Man on Earth, the Independent, 7/2/09 / Bon Iver, Fox Theater, 9/24/09
  5. Band/Artist I am most happy to have discovered: Fanfarlo
  6. Band/Artist I kick myself for missing: J. Tillman, both at Cafe du Nord in August and the Great American on December 4th. D’oh!
  7. Band/Artist everyone seems to love but I just can’t get behind: Dirty Projectors. And Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros (except for that “Home” song, that song warms my lil’ heart).
  8. Favorite SF Band: There are so many, but I always come back to Or, the Whale. Grand Lake is probably my latest local favorite.
  9. One to Watch in 2010: Sleepy Sun – local and fabulous.

Sleepy Sun – “Sleepy Son”


Listen to Sleepy Sun, Sleepy Son”.  

Listening to another SXSW discovery this week, San Francisco psych rock group Sleepy Sun and their track “Sleepy Son”, I couldn’t help but muse what I would give to have one some mornings.  Every day I’m startled awake by a little 3 year old drill sergeant who comes barreling into the room announcing “It’s morning time, Mommy!  Get up, get up, GET UP! LET’S PLAY!” 

At what age do we lose our enthusiasm for getting up in the morning?  I’ve given this due thought and can honestly say I can’t recall, but I don’t ever remember having the kind of energy and enthusiasm to greet the day like Judah does. I should feel lucky really because he sleeps until 7:00AM (very humane in the kid world).  Yet I am pained every morning by this process and find myself constantly devising strategies to extend my sleep.  

Set breakfast out the night before? 10 minutes.  Let him use me as a race track for his cars?  20 minutes.  Allow him to do something semi-destructive like launch hot wheels with his car shooter into the wall?  30 minutes.  But the mother of all sleep aids?  TV.  Movies are a regular early morning weekend routine.  We’re talking 90 solid minutes of quiet, blissful, uninterrupted sleep.  A few weeks ago, I found my ace in the hole, Mary Poppins.  2 hours and 23 minutes of sleep heaven!