Thursdays In May with Loquat at Cafe du Nord


THURSDAY, MAY 7, 14, 21 & 28  | CAFE DU NORD
8 p.m. doors  

San Francisco’s answer to Swedish pop, Loquat is getting ready for their May residency at Cafe du Nord, performing every Thursday in May. Loquat handpicked out-of-town and local bands—Head Like a Kite (Seattle), Juliette Commagère (L.A.), Greycoats (Minneapolis), Foxtail Somersault (SF), Malbec (L.A.), The Union Trade (SF), Jen & Abby (L.A.), and AimLowKid (SF)—to join them for the four shows. Each night will be different: reworked old songs, new songs, surprise covers, visuals, and between-band DJ sets from Zion-I’s AmpLive and SomaFM’s DJ Elise—not your regular Loquat show.  

Listen to “Harder Hit” from Loquat’s latest album, Secrets of the Sea (Talking House):

Sleepy Sun – “Sleepy Son”


Listen to Sleepy Sun, Sleepy Son”.  

Listening to another SXSW discovery this week, San Francisco psych rock group Sleepy Sun and their track “Sleepy Son”, I couldn’t help but muse what I would give to have one some mornings.  Every day I’m startled awake by a little 3 year old drill sergeant who comes barreling into the room announcing “It’s morning time, Mommy!  Get up, get up, GET UP! LET’S PLAY!” 

At what age do we lose our enthusiasm for getting up in the morning?  I’ve given this due thought and can honestly say I can’t recall, but I don’t ever remember having the kind of energy and enthusiasm to greet the day like Judah does. I should feel lucky really because he sleeps until 7:00AM (very humane in the kid world).  Yet I am pained every morning by this process and find myself constantly devising strategies to extend my sleep.  

Set breakfast out the night before? 10 minutes.  Let him use me as a race track for his cars?  20 minutes.  Allow him to do something semi-destructive like launch hot wheels with his car shooter into the wall?  30 minutes.  But the mother of all sleep aids?  TV.  Movies are a regular early morning weekend routine.  We’re talking 90 solid minutes of quiet, blissful, uninterrupted sleep.  A few weeks ago, I found my ace in the hole, Mary Poppins.  2 hours and 23 minutes of sleep heaven!

Trendspotting: SF Bands You’ve (Probably) Never Heard Of – Part 3


San Francisco-based Geographer have that lush baroque pop sound that draws lots of comparisons to Andrew Bird and Arcade Fire. Their new album Innocent Ghosts released this summer and is getting good attention.  Listen to Can’t You Wait:




This is my favorite San Francisco indie rock band at the moment.  Their debut album, Lust for Life, is one of the contenders for the 2008 SF Weekly Music Awards.  We’ll find out later this week if they take the prize.   I’m so intrigued by lead singer, Christopher Owens, in both his personal style and vocals.  He’s got all the qualities of an eccentric rock star and sounds like Elvis Costello to boot. Featured is the track Hellhole Ratrace





The Heavenly States 

Oakland-based The Heavenly States is also a contender in the 2008 SF Weekly Music Awards in the Indie Rock category.  Their vibe is wholly different with a pure, straight up rock sound reminiscent to The Hold Steady. Take a listen to ‘Lost in the Light‘ from their self-produced album Delayer.



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Trendspotting: SF Bands You’ve (Probably) Never Heard Of – Part 1

I first really started diving into the San Francisco music scene at SXSW this year, thanks to The Bay Bridged and their efforts in organizing the fantastic SXSW Bay Area Takeover event.  Interesting isn’t it?  There is so much great music in our own backyard and I had to go to Austin to discover it.  It was at that point I decided to start playing in my own sandbox.  And I haven’t looked back since.  The only downside to this strategy is that it becomes harder and harder to rope my music friends into coming to shows with me.  “You want me to see who?  Never heard of them.”

The following series of posts – SF Bands You’ve (Probably) Never Heard Of – is a culmination of this research and discovery since March of this year.  There’s a lot of good music coming out of our town – putting San Francisco squarely on the map as a vital music city.  And you should know about it.  Keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list of all the Bay Area bands around.  Just my favorites. In alphabetical order, of course.

60 Watt Kid

One of the things I’ve discovered in my local band research is that there appears to be some momentum in specific genres – like psyche rock and experimental. 60 Watt Kid encompasses a bit of both to me. Their self-titled debut is chaotic, bizarre and intriguing all at the same time.  

Listen to: ‘Cobblestone Sunglasses’


It’s 1970 in San Francisco and the hippies are back. Or perhaps they never left.  Listening to the flower power psych rock of Citay will certainly transport you back in time with the influences of some of the greats sprinkled all over the place – from Led Zepplin to Jerry Garcia.  It feels good.

Listen to: ‘Little Kingdom’

Cousin Chris

Cousin Chris (aka Chris Schreiber), is a veritable one man band who released his solo effort Moon Paper in July. The album was recorded at John Vanderslice’s Tiny Telephone Studios. The album is beautiful, with a folky-blues sound and vocals that remind me of Neil Young at times. There’s a good interview with Chris on Stranger Dance.

Listen to: ‘Head Down’

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