Starfucker Changes Name to Pyramid

Pyramid (formally known as Starfucker): “Medicine

Fans of Starfucker take note; the band has formally changed their name to Pyramid. Big bummer, I know. I had a hard time with this one too.  But the name change came about for some good reasons.  (See the interview excerpt below with the Portland Mercury). A fan contest was created to select the new name.  While general consensus has been disappointment, the deed is done. Go have yourself a cry over the loss of a great name and let’s move on to acceptance and more hot dance moves from Ryan!

Q: Why are you changing your name, and why are you doing so at this particular juncture?

A: We’re changing our name because it just doesn’t make sense anymore. We never thought starfucker would make it as far as it has, and never had any expectations of success. At this point we need to be able to either put more into music, or just stop doing it so we can get 9-5 jobs to pay our rent.  Right now we’re in this bardo where we don’t quite make a living off music but we put so much energy into it that we can’t put any time into a real job either.  We just need to get serious about one or the other.  The name has been a problem for us in a lot of ways.  We’ve missed out on opening slots with bands we really like, and we hope to tour europe soon where there is already a Starfucker.  Someone booked us once thinking we were the European Starfucker. The list goes on and on…

Q: Is this just a name change, or is it meant to reflect some stylistic or structural change in the group or its music?

A: It’s definitely just a name change. We will still be the same band with the same philosophy. The music of course, like anything else, will always be evolving.

Q: Are you at all concerned that you might alienate or confuse people who are already fans of your music?

A: Of course that is an issue we’re concerned with, but hopefully the music can transcend the controversy surrounding the name change. That is also why had the contest with our fans, so as not to alienate anyone, and let them be part of the process. We do realize we’ll have to be the band formally know as Starfucker for awhile, which is fine.

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