Album of the Week: Flaming Lips – “Embryonic”


Flaming Lips – “The Ego’s Last Stand”

Worm Mountain (feat MGMT)

Got my hands on the new Flaming Lips double LP, Embryonic, today and …eeeeoooowww…I’m so excited to see them at the Treasure Island Music Fest this Sunday I can hardly contain myself. I spontaneously squeal every time I think about it. For this album, the band of fearless freaks have ditched their pop tendencies and headed squarely down the path of lo-fi, ethereal psychedelia – while remaining fabulously weird.

In true Flaming Lips fashion, there are plenty of kooky delights to be found on the album, like the track, “I Can Be a Frog” that features Karen O making an array of animal sounds. There’s also a number featuring MGMT, “Worm Mountain“, that has me dreaming…anticipating…a joint performance with the two bands this weekend at Treasure Island.  They’re playing the same festival after all. It’s gonna happen. It’s gotta happen. I know it. All hail Wayne Coyne!

5 thoughts on “Album of the Week: Flaming Lips – “Embryonic”

  1. The definition of lo-fi hasn’t changed. It’s just come back in vogue of late. Lo-fi is a recording aesthetic used to create a more raw, authentic sound. Some bands are real purists and will record only on analog 4-track. Others can use digital techniques like low-end syths to create the effect. Either way it’s a bona fide genre that seems to be growing. Think Wavves, No Age, Times New Viking, Ty Segall, Vivian Girls. Pretty much any underground garage band in SF right now.

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