I Live Here: SF


A quick break from our regularly scheduled program for a public service announcement plugging a cool project from local photographer and blogger, Julie of Tangobaby.    She’s launched a new blog called I Live Here: SF that features portraits and stories of the people that call San Francisco home. It was amazing to meet her, hear her story, share our goals and ambitions and be a part of her dream. Such an interesting interlude to a random Friday.  

Since we connected through the blogosphere, music was a big part of our conversation.  As was fashion and my current obsession with my new peacock feather necklace.  (Isn’t it pretty?)  I was asked recently what we were listening to when this shot was taken.  I can’t recall exactly, but if I had to choose one song to reflect my mood it would be Iran’sBuddy“.  I’m in love with this song.  (More on this band later.)

Listen to “Buddy“:

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