New Thom Yorke: “Feeling Pulled Apart by Horses”


Thom Yorke “Feeling Pulled Apart By Horses”

Thom Yorke has just released a new 12″ this week featuring two tracks, “Feeling Pulled Apart By Horses” and “The Hollow Earth”.  I was particularly drawn to this track and it’s back story of apparently being the predecessor to one of my favorite Radiohead tracks, “Reckoner”.  You can definitely hear it. Enjoy.

Electric Tickle Machine – “Blew It Again” [MP3]


Electric Tickle Machine“Gimme Money”

Yeah, your totally going to buy this album just for the cover.  Electric Tickle Machine is an unsigned NY-based garage rock group (sounding very San Francisco, I might add) whose debut, “Blew It Again”, is due out October 7.  Vinyl copies of their album will be sold at their shows followed by a digital release to be made available on the band’s website. Check their site for tour dates near you.

Albert Cross Debut “Broken Side of Time” Released Early

Alberta Cross Broken Side of Time

Alberta Cross“Broken Side of Time

The band has released their debut album on their website for streaming and digital download today – a full week early. (And using Topspin, I might add.) One of my favorites for 2009, go get it!

Stuck In My Head: Yo La Tengo – “Here to Fall”


Yo La Tengo – “Here To Fall”

Obsessed: Yo La Tengo, Popular Songs, due out September 8.  Pre-order now on Matador. Then get your tickets to Treasure Island Music Festival to see them live on October 18.

What else is there for us to do…”

Free Album Download: The Layaways – “The Space Between”


The Layaways“Keep It To Yourself”

One of the most brilliant things about music is the ability express a mood or articulate a feeling that you just can’t put into words yourself. Chicago indie rockers, The Layaways, do just that for me. I think La Blogotheque expressed it best when they said, “J’aime bien les chansons de The Layaways.” Moi aussi. Their bittersweet, melodramatic indie pop hooks tap into a kind of universal woeful lament that anyone can relate to at some point in time in their lives.

But best of all, the band is giving away their latest release, “The Space Between“, for free! Absolutely no strings attached. Go get it and enjoy.

Download The Layaways here for free.

Album of the Week: She Keeps Bees


Artist: She Keeps Bees
File Under: Lo-Fi Indie Rock
Recommended if You Like: Heartless Bastards, Cat Power, Nina Simone, PJ Harvey, Jack ‘n Meg
Featured Tracks:


My Last Nerve”

No frills, stripped down, raw, lo-fi, bluesy indie rock.  You like that kinda music? Me too. And this Brooklyn-based duo, comprised of Jessica Larrabee (vocals, guitar) and Andy LaPlant, gives it up in spades.  The first hit I got when I heard their album was a stripped down version of the Heartless Bastards. Like Erika Wennerstrom and Cat Power, Larrabee’s voice has a similar bluesy, soulful quality. And given their relationship status (boyfriend/girlfriend) and blues rock vibe, it’s hard not to draw comparisons to The White Stripes.

Oh, and then there’s the songwriting! Powerful and seductive, it’s hard not to get caught up in Larrabee’s conviction on “Gimme” as she pleads “Gimme, gimme, give it to me daddy/ Work me like my back ain’t got no bone.” And my personal favorite, My Last Nerve”, where she growls “Lord, I am tired of this same old bullshit…” just gets me every time.

Nests, originally self-released by the duo in 2008, has been reissued this year under Names Records along with their Revival EP. Go get it.  You won’t be disappointed.

Thanks See What You Hear for turning me on to this one!

Floating Action – “50 Lashes”


Floating Action, “50 Lashes”:

North Carolina’s Floating Action self-titled debut is the latest work of Seth Kauffman – who already has a couple of albums under his belt by his own name. He mashes up a lot of influences on the album, but the jangly, soulful, lo-fi rhythms shine through.  The perfect song for such a beautiful, balmy day here in San Francisco.