Here We Go Magic


Here We Go Magic, “Tunnelvision

The debut album by this Brooklyn-based group has been on heavy rotation for me quite a while.  Even more so now that the Grizzly Bear/ Here We Go Magic show at The Fillmore is merely days away.  I’ve been listening to it incessantly all week and I am as infatuated with Luke Temple’s (Magic) voice as I am with Ed Droste’s (Grizzly Bear).  Both are pure and angelic and the two bands complement each other perfectly.

Both albums are atmospheric but Magic is decidedly more lo-fi and ambient in a Panda Bear kind of way with lots of loops and multi-tracked vocals.  The beautiful, murky rhythms of “Tunnelvision” and “Fangela” are representative of much of the sound found on the album.  But I must confess they lose me on a couple of their noise, experimental tracks toward the end. While it’s a bit incongruent to the overall flow of the album, it doesn’t overshadow the overall experience – enchanting.

5 thoughts on “Here We Go Magic

  1. we saw them twice at sxsw – should be a good show.

    on a side note – marc won tickets to see the sold out grizzly bear show in austin a couple nights ago – while we were already nicely settled into california living for the summer. bummer.

  2. Got my tickets to see Here We Go Magic on July 6th in London for a Bella Union showcase -‘Fangela’ is great even if it does sound very much like Mrs Robinson! Have fun 🙂

    • It does sound very much like Ms. Robinson! I have to say they didn’t do much for me last night. I likened Luke Temple’s voice to Ed Droste’s. But there is absolutely no comparison. I love the album but it didn’t translate live for me. It will be interesting to hear your thoughts!

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