Julian Plenti Covers America’s ‘Horse With No Name’

An excellent evening of moody, melodramatic rock last night at The Great American Music Hall in SF with Julian Plenti, the solo side project of Interpol frontman Paul Banks. It was just what the doctor ordered. Interestingly, I enjoyed his quieter material much more live than on the studio recording. Partly due to his amazing cellist. Wow, what beautiful complexity that instrument added to the evening.

The crowd was intimate but very enthusiastic, bestowing Mr. Banks lots of love throughout the night. They played their entire debut and then some, including some rockin’ new tracks and a great cover of America’s ‘Horse with No Name’. Enjoy the live footage!

In Anticipation: Julian Plenti @ Great American Music Hall


Julian Plenti“Games for Days”

I had my mind blown at an Interpol concert many years ago.  It was a show I attended by happenstance, but when they launched into “Pioneer to the Falls” I almost wept. One of those memorable music moments that occurred when I was least expecting it. And it has forever endeared me to Interpol frontman Paul Banks.

Banks has now embarked on a solo career, under the moniker Julian Plenti, and will be at The Great American Music Hall in San Francisco this Wednesday, November 18 in support of his debut LP, Julian Plenti Is….Skyscraper. I have a lot of excitement and expectation around this show, fairly or not. And have given up a sure thing – The King Khan & BBQ Show – in anticipation for a better, more soul-satisfying fix. So, Mr. Banks, I’m sorry to put the pressure on, but I’ve made my decision and chose you. I’m ready….blow my mind.

Trendspotting: Solo, Side Projects and Collaborations – Part 1

2009 seems to be the year of artists embarking on new solo efforts, side projects and collaborations.  It’s become quite a task to keep up with it all.  So much so I’ve actually created an Excel spreadsheet to track it. (But hey, I’m OCMD like that.) The proliferation of new projects and good music being put forth this year is astounding. And it’s a good thing.  It points to the positive – and much needed – evolution of the music industry.  This multi-part series will try to make some sense of it all by laying out the notable artists and projects released this year in all of their various incarnations. Enjoy.


Artist: Volcano Choir
Album: Unmap
Type: Collaboration
Who’s Involved: Justin Vernon of Bon Iver with Collections of Colonies of Bees
Featured Track: Island, IS


Artist: Lightning Dust
Album:Infinite Light
Type: Side Project
Who’s Involved: Joshua Wells and Amber Webber of Black Mountain
Tour Dates: October 6 @ The Independent in SF with The Cave Singers
Featured Track: “Never Seen”


Artist: Julian Plenti
Type: Solo Project
Who’s Involved: Paul Banks of Interpol
Featured Track:”Fun That We Had”


Artist: Brendan Benson
Album: My Old, Familiar Friend
Type: Solo Project
Who’s Involved: Brendan Benson of The Raconteurs (tho his solo work preceded it)
Featured Track: “Feel Like Taking You Home”