In Anticipation: Julian Plenti @ Great American Music Hall


Julian Plenti“Games for Days”

I had my mind blown at an Interpol concert many years ago.  It was a show I attended by happenstance, but when they launched into “Pioneer to the Falls” I almost wept. One of those memorable music moments that occurred when I was least expecting it. And it has forever endeared me to Interpol frontman Paul Banks.

Banks has now embarked on a solo career, under the moniker Julian Plenti, and will be at The Great American Music Hall in San Francisco this Wednesday, November 18 in support of his debut LP, Julian Plenti Is….Skyscraper. I have a lot of excitement and expectation around this show, fairly or not. And have given up a sure thing – The King Khan & BBQ Show – in anticipation for a better, more soul-satisfying fix. So, Mr. Banks, I’m sorry to put the pressure on, but I’ve made my decision and chose you. I’m ready….blow my mind.

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