Electric Tickle Machine – “Blew it Again” [Free MP3s]


Electric Tickle Machine“Part of Me”

“Blew it Again”

“Gimme Money”

Part of me is absolutely smitten with this band from New York and their self-released debut, Blew it Again.  They just look like trouble, don’t they? They sure know how to pick cover album art too. The band is touring the hell out of the US for the next two months and will hit San Francisco’s beloved Thee Parkside on November 11.  Their album will soon be available on InSound, but until then you can grab these free MP3s or nab one of their limited 500 vinyl albums. Check their MySpace page for more tour dates.

Electric Tickle Machine – “Blew It Again” [MP3]


Electric Tickle Machine“Gimme Money”

Yeah, your totally going to buy this album just for the cover.  Electric Tickle Machine is an unsigned NY-based garage rock group (sounding very San Francisco, I might add) whose debut, “Blew It Again”, is due out October 7.  Vinyl copies of their album will be sold at their shows followed by a digital release to be made available on the band’s website. Check their site for tour dates near you.