From the Vault: The The – “The Whisperers”


The The“The Whisperers”

Good God there are some bands I crave sometimes and The The is one of them. Can anyone compare to Matt Johnson?  Why yes. After listening to the latest Thom Yorke 12 “, I was suddenly struck by the comparisons. Just listen to this track, ‘The Whisperer“,  from The The’s Naked Self 2000 album (their final studio album) and tell me if you don’t hear a little Thom Yorke wailing in there.

It makes sense though.  The UK band who formed in the late 70’s rose to prominence in the late 80s/early 90s with the release of Soul Mining (1983) and Dusk (1992), were quite the underground sensation. They even recruited ex-Smith’s band member Johnny Marr for a stint. So if you’re not hip to the sound, be sure and check it out. A wise man once said, ‘true happiness this way lies’.

6 thoughts on “From the Vault: The The – “The Whisperers”

  1. Thank you for posting this song…this is one of my most favorite albums ever, haunting and jubilant at the same time. Kudos on the track selection.

  2. Matt Johnson – such an enigma. Lyrics of a generation in every song. Social orator with a real knack of delivering some of the best music in the 90’s. The The should be on everyone’s back catalogue (‘they’) he produced the most hip music – Kudos indeed

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