The Frequency – “Ego Is The Drug/ 3AM”

The Frequency “Ego Is The Drug/3AM”

Put this one in your pipe and smoke it.  Preferably at 3AM.  The Frequency is an unsigned LA based duo that sounds a little like Air on a 70s acid trip. “Ego is the Drug/3AM” is the first half of the expansive B side from their new EP “Morning to 3AM”,  out now and available for all of $2 on their website.

3 thoughts on “The Frequency – “Ego Is The Drug/ 3AM”

  1. This is awesome stuff. Like the Spacemen meet Opal after a late night listening to too much Floyd. I wish the rest of their stuff was somewhere near as perfect, as opposed to being ok-ish soft-psych synth pop. The vibe here is perfect – thy need to mine it deeper and more. Alternatively, stick them in a studio with Roback and see what happens.

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