the OCMD Mixtape: SF Surf Punk


I’ve been long overdue for a mixtape.  This is one I’ve been collecting for a while – pulling tracks here and there from the greater garage rock movement that’s exploding right now in San Francisco. This playlist is a subset of that sound that I’m really digging right now….lo-fi, fuzzed out rock with a distinct punk edge and surf riff. Or Surf Punk for short.  Yeah, I’m sure I’m going to get a lot of flack for that label but what the hell. There’s a nice south swell in town, and if I’m packing up my long board and wetsuit to go surfing, you can bet this is the mix I’ll be listening to.

Enjoy a taste of San Francisco.

the OCMD Mixtape: SF Surf Punk

  1. Ty Segall, “It #1”
  2. The Fresh & Onlys, “Fog Machine”
  3. Snake Flower 2, “No Way Home”
  4. Nobunny, “Boneyard”
  5. Thee Oh Sees, “Can You See”
  6. Sic Alps, “Gelly Roll Gum Drop”
  7. The Okmoniks, “What I Want”
  8. Bare Wires, “Teen Witch”
  9. The Mantles, “Trouble in the Streets”
  10. The Touch-Me-Nots, “Cool Enough for California”

Ty Segall + Charlie and The Moonhearts @ The Hemlock

Ty Segall, “The Drag

Charlie and The Moonhearts, “Cagemouth

Ladies and gentleman, Ty Segall has band! He’s evolved from a one-man act into a full fledged surf punk trio with a girl drummer to boot. Friday night The Hemlock played host to his CD Release party for Lemons, his new album due out July 14.

It was a raucous and rawkin’evening of surf punk all around.  Just when I started to question my stamina for a late evening at The Hemlock after a long week, opening band Charlie and The Moonhearts laid out a fierce set of late 80’s-inspired Orange County punk that kicked me right in the teeth.  Their 30 minute assault of fast and dirty garage rock combined with the ponytail face whipping from my friend Jen next to me was just the adrenaline shot I needed.  No more yawning for me, I tell ya.

Ty and company (which by the way, featured the same bass player  – Mikal- from Charlie and The Moonhearts) banged out a great set of mostly new material to an eager and (sometimes overly) rambunctious crowd.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, get in to this band!

Concert Pick O’ The Week: Ty Segall Tonight at The Hemlock


Ty Segall“It #1”

San Francisco’s one-man band, garage punk rock extraordinaire, Ty Segall, is having a CD release party tonight at The Hemlock.  I fell in love with him the first time I heard him play, which was opening for Girls at the very same venue a year ago. Watching him sing, play guitar, drums and tambourine by himself was truly  a sight to behold.

His new album, Lemons, is out July 14.  Get into it!

Best Songs of 2008 – Indie Rock


Every year I host a music swap with my music geek friends where we share our top albums of the year.  This year we spiced it up a bit by adding a new component – a mix of your favorite songs of 2008 by artists not represented in our Best Albums of 2008 list. (Ryan’s rules, not mine.) So here it is, my mix of some of my favorite indie rock tunes for 2008. I was struck by a lot of San Francisco local music this year and have noted those artists with an asterisk (**).  I enjoyed the emergence of such good music from my hometown and hope you will too. Enjoy!

  1. ** Pigeonhold by Port O’Brien
  2. Testify by Carney
  3. ** The Drag by Ty Segall
  4. Pot Kettle Black by Tilly and the Wall
  5. Operation by Deerhunter
  6. There Are Birds by The Ruby Suns
  7. The Dazzled by Crystal Stilts
  8. The Shedding Path by The Lord Bird Dog
  9. Chemtrails by Beck
  10. Oppressions Each by Brightblack Morning Light
  11. The Columbia by Lackthereof
  12. ** Hellhole Ratrace by Girls
  13. ** New York Through York by Lady Genius
  14. Charlyn, Angel of Kensington by Jason Collett
  15. My Baby by Juliana Hatfield
  16. Furr by Blitzen Trapper
  17. ** Peg by Cryptacize
  18. Lady Luck by Richard Swift
  19. Don’t You Worry by Jim Noir

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San Francisco Bands You’ve (Probably) Never Heard Of – Part 7 and Last


The Botticellis

These guys have a great 60s surfer, AM radio sound.  Soaked in reverb and sunny California pop harmonies, their debut album Old Home Movies sounds (and looks) like a classic from the past.

Listen to ‘Home Movies’:


The Dodos

The Dodos

Okay, you’ve probably heard of this band.  Their debut album, Visiter, was a darling of many a music critic.  And for good reason; it’s exceptional.  To see them perform live is spellbinding. They are one of those artists whose energy and passion translates better in a live forum. Their world tour is already underway, so all of you international readers have no excuse!

Listen to ‘Fools‘:


The Morning Benders

Another Bay Area indie pop group on the verge, their new album, Talking Through Tin Cans, was my go to album of the summer.  Fresh and irresistible. That and my little boy loved it.  He’s got a good ear, that kid.  It was his first concert too.  If you’re local, be sure to catch their last show of the year, December 5 at The Rickshaw Stop with The Muslims and Miniature Tigers.

Listen to ‘Boarded Doors’:


Ty Segall

I caught this guy opening for another local favorite, Girls, recently and was smitten.  Admittedly, when I first saw this virtual one man band take the stage with his jerry-rigged drum kit and guitar, I couldn’t help but think, ‘Oh Christ.’ Which was quickly followed by ‘holy shit!’  He’s touched with that way back sound I love so much. Just take a listen and you’ll see what I mean.

Listen to ‘The Drag’:

Listen to ‘So Alone’:

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I Heart Girls and Ty Segall

Girls at The Hemlock Tavern

Ty Segall at The Hemlock Tavern

It was a long night of music at The Hemlock Friday night, waiting to see my favorite local band, Girls – who I thought were opening, but ended up as headliners.  It was worth the wait as they did not disappoint.  Girls lead singer, Christopher Owens, was mesmerizing to watch in his belted dress, tattooed arms and Cousin It hair flying. I’ve already raved about these guys several times already.  They are going to go far. 

Listen to Girls, ‘Hellhole Rat Race‘:

The evening also introduced me to two other solid local acts, Ty Segall and Master/Slave.  I particularly liked Ty Segall’s sound and was most impressed with his one-man band playing ability.  To play guitar, drums and sing at the same time? Wow.  

In between sets, I was entertained by the bevy of hard-core hipster attire. There was lots of style to be had that evening and it was a step above the standard hipster uniform of slim jeans, plaid shirt and Converse sneakers. What intrigued me most is the variety of footwear presented that night – topsiders, Capezios, Moccasins and bright colored Keds were everywhere.  

Hipster Footwear