I Heart Girls and Ty Segall

Girls at The Hemlock Tavern

Ty Segall at The Hemlock Tavern

It was a long night of music at The Hemlock Friday night, waiting to see my favorite local band, Girls – who I thought were opening, but ended up as headliners.  It was worth the wait as they did not disappoint.  Girls lead singer, Christopher Owens, was mesmerizing to watch in his belted dress, tattooed arms and Cousin It hair flying. I’ve already raved about these guys several times already.  They are going to go far. 

Listen to Girls, ‘Hellhole Rat Race‘:

The evening also introduced me to two other solid local acts, Ty Segall and Master/Slave.  I particularly liked Ty Segall’s sound and was most impressed with his one-man band playing ability.  To play guitar, drums and sing at the same time? Wow.  

In between sets, I was entertained by the bevy of hard-core hipster attire. There was lots of style to be had that evening and it was a step above the standard hipster uniform of slim jeans, plaid shirt and Converse sneakers. What intrigued me most is the variety of footwear presented that night – topsiders, Capezios, Moccasins and bright colored Keds were everywhere.  

Hipster Footwear