It was 75 degrees and sunny in San Francisco yesterday and Judah’s school was closed for teacher’s conferences, so we played hookey. Which consisted of:

  1. One slice of Arinell’s pizza
  2. One kids sized  cone of Bi-Rite Creamery’s Brown Butter Pecan ice cream
  3. Three hours of non-stop play at Dolores Park
  4. Random outbursts of song to Juliana Hatfield‘s ‘My Baby’:

4 thoughts on “Hookey

  1. How is Arinell’s? As a displaced East Coaster, one of my only food gripes about SF is that there isn’t any good pie (bagels are the other). I would love to find a good place.

  2. Stranger Jay: Arinell’s is the closest to a proper New York Slice in the city. Nice balance of grease, cheese flavor, sauce, crust. Give it a shot.

    If you want a whole pie, try Gaspare’s in the Richmond.

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