Concert Pick O’ The Week: Ty Segall Tonight at The Hemlock


Ty Segall“It #1”

San Francisco’s one-man band, garage punk rock extraordinaire, Ty Segall, is having a CD release party tonight at The Hemlock.  I fell in love with him the first time I heard him play, which was opening for Girls at the very same venue a year ago. Watching him sing, play guitar, drums and tambourine by himself was truly  a sight to behold.

His new album, Lemons, is out July 14.  Get into it!

The Acorn – Glory Hope Mountain

Artist: The Acorn
Album: Glory Hope Mountain
File Under: Canadian Indie Rock
Recommended if You Like: David Byrne, Fiery Furnaces
Featured Track: Flood Pt. 1

Part biographical narrative, part surreal fairy tale, Glory Hope Mountain is the story of Gloria Esperanza Montoya. Based on interviews recorded in early 2006 by her son, Acorn songwriter Rolf Klausener, the album is a sonic retelling of the stories from her early life in Honduras to her eventual immigration to Montreal in 1972.

It’s an incredible concept album whose songs weave a beautiful tale – infusing traditional Honduran folk forms with lovely melodies in a way that’s very reminiscent of David Byrne – and ends with one of the most gorgeous lullabies I’ve ever heard.

Be sure to check them out at The Hemlock on October 21.  Enjoy The Flood Pt. 1:

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