SXSW Thursday Highlights


The day couldn’t have kicked off better than with The Phenomenal Handclap Band.  With 10 members deep, it was one of the better dance rock bands I’ve seen in a while.  Truly infections.  Especially with San Francisco’s Bart Davenport joined them in his 70s attire on stage.  Everyone one who was anyone in the indie rock world seemed to be there.

Other highlights of the night were definitely Girls and Grizzly Bear at Central Presbyterian Church.  I had goosebumps for the entire Grizzly Bear performance.  Sitting in pews and hearing them perform in a beautiful stone church was one of the better music experiences I’ve had of late.  Truly awesome and transcendental.  My religion!

Listen to Phenomenal Handclap Band “Testify” 

Ticketmaster Did This To Me


I’ve always taken pride in my ability to stay away from this smut. I don’t read it online, watch it on TV, or buy the magazines.  So imagine my horror when I found an US subscription in my mail box IN MY NAME? How humiliating.  What are the neighbors going to think of me?  Honestly, I didn’t do this.  I just ordered tickets to a show at the Fillmore through Ticketmaster and as a door prize I get a free subscription to this trash. And it comes every week!  The saddest part of all?  I’m totally going to read it.

Listen to “Testimony” by The Phenomenal Handclap Band

Best Songs of 2008 – Indie Rock


Every year I host a music swap with my music geek friends where we share our top albums of the year.  This year we spiced it up a bit by adding a new component – a mix of your favorite songs of 2008 by artists not represented in our Best Albums of 2008 list. (Ryan’s rules, not mine.) So here it is, my mix of some of my favorite indie rock tunes for 2008. I was struck by a lot of San Francisco local music this year and have noted those artists with an asterisk (**).  I enjoyed the emergence of such good music from my hometown and hope you will too. Enjoy!

  1. ** Pigeonhold by Port O’Brien
  2. Testify by Carney
  3. ** The Drag by Ty Segall
  4. Pot Kettle Black by Tilly and the Wall
  5. Operation by Deerhunter
  6. There Are Birds by The Ruby Suns
  7. The Dazzled by Crystal Stilts
  8. The Shedding Path by The Lord Bird Dog
  9. Chemtrails by Beck
  10. Oppressions Each by Brightblack Morning Light
  11. The Columbia by Lackthereof
  12. ** Hellhole Ratrace by Girls
  13. ** New York Through York by Lady Genius
  14. Charlyn, Angel of Kensington by Jason Collett
  15. My Baby by Juliana Hatfield
  16. Furr by Blitzen Trapper
  17. ** Peg by Cryptacize
  18. Lady Luck by Richard Swift
  19. Don’t You Worry by Jim Noir

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Countdown to Outside Lands!

Whoo hoo!  Two more days to Outside Lands and Radiohead.  Here’s a mix I compiled of the bands I’m looking forward to seeing on Friday.  If I can cram it all in. Enjoy!  If you want the MP3 file, you’ll need to sign up for the OCMD Mixtape newsletter.

  1. Carney – Testify
  2. Howlin’ Rain – Dancer at the End of Time
  3. Black Mountain – Angels
  4. The Black Keys – Psychotic Girl
  5. Cold War Kids – Something is Not Right with Me
  6. The Benevento Russo Duo – Best Reason to Buy the Sun
  7. Manu Chao – Welcome to Tijuana
  8. Beck – Gamma Ray
  9. Radiohead – Bodysnatchers