SXSW Preview: The Pack A.D. – “Crazy” [MP3]

The Pack A.D. – “Crazy

If these girls are going crazy, then sign me up.  The stripped down Vancouver duo, calling themselves The Pack A.D., packs a real rock and roll punch with their ferocious brand of bluesy garage rock. Their new album, “We Kill Computers”, comes out April 27.  They’ll be hitting SF en route to Austin.  So catch them March 10 at Thee Parkside or at one of the SXSW showcases. All aboard the crazy train.

SXSW Schedule
Mar 18, 2010: AFM Canada/ACTRA RACS Party @ Canada House – on at 12:30pm
Mar 18, 2010: Mint/Six Shooter Hootenanny @ Headhunters – on at 3:55pm
Mar 18, 2010: The Best Damn Day of Duo’s ever @ Pie Guys Pizza – on at 6pm
Mar 19, 2010: Showcase show @ Jaime’s Spanish Villa w/ Grand Analog – on at 12am

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