SXSW Preview: The Pack A.D. – “Crazy” [MP3]

The Pack A.D. – “Crazy

If these girls are going crazy, then sign me up.  The stripped down Vancouver duo, calling themselves The Pack A.D., packs a real rock and roll punch with their ferocious brand of bluesy garage rock. Their new album, “We Kill Computers”, comes out April 27.  They’ll be hitting SF en route to Austin.  So catch them March 10 at Thee Parkside or at one of the SXSW showcases. All aboard the crazy train.

SXSW Schedule
Mar 18, 2010: AFM Canada/ACTRA RACS Party @ Canada House – on at 12:30pm
Mar 18, 2010: Mint/Six Shooter Hootenanny @ Headhunters – on at 3:55pm
Mar 18, 2010: The Best Damn Day of Duo’s ever @ Pie Guys Pizza – on at 6pm
Mar 19, 2010: Showcase show @ Jaime’s Spanish Villa w/ Grand Analog – on at 12am

Anatomy of a Remodel – Part Deux

Quite a while back, I posted some photos documenting the beginning phase of our living room update that included rewiring the room for distributed in wall sound with Paradigm SA-15R speakers and a complete overhaul design-wise by friend, colleague and renowned SF designer, Ken Fulk.  Well, I’m happy to unveil the result of our extreme living room makeover. 

I don’t know if there are enough adjectives to describe how awesome it is.  Suffice it to say, everytime I come home I still pause to make sure I’m in the right house.  It’s so sexy, hip and downright functional I don’t quite know what to do with myself.  Do I really live here? It is now my favorite music listening room too – as I sit in front of the fire and control my Sonos playlists with my iPhone Sonos Controller.  (Oh just stop me already!) Technology can be so good.

Speaking of music, I was going through my inbox today listening to some new tunes sent my way and uncovered this nice French electronica album from ElodieO that sounded perfect in my sexy new digs. She sounds like a trip hop version of Nico at times and a French version of Bjork at others.  I was intrigued to learn as well that Serge Gainsbourg and The Cure arranged some of the songs.

Listen to ‘Crazy‘ – a track off ElodieO’s new album, Stubborn.  If you like what you hear, go see ElodieO at The Elbo Room in San Francisco December 15. 

Listen to ‘Crazy‘:





After. See that beautiful orchid? I give it 2 months before I kill it.


Another perspective.


The piece de resistance - my $100 Craigslist vintage sofa, refurbished and fabulous in mohair. I never gave up on you, my sweet sofa!


Here you see the ceiling mounted Paradigm speakers.


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