Suck It Scar Jo


For butchering the Jeff Buckley classic, ‘Last Goodbye’.  No, no, no, no! Just stop it already. That’s enough. I held my tongue with the Tom Waits tribute album last year, but it’s gone too far with this one. Just because you performed with The Jesus and Mary Chain at Coachella a couple of years ago and can hold a tune does not give free license to cover any rock icon you please.  Clearly you are the muse to many in both the film and music industry – The Jesus and Marychain, TV on the Radio, Woody Allen. Come on, they’re just a bunch of dirty old men who just want to see your tits! Argh.



7 thoughts on “Suck It Scar Jo

  1. Hey, I kinda liked it. At least she had the sense not to try ‘Hallelujah’. Btw, TV on the radio are fast on their way to becoming a starfucking, over-exposed side-show.

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