A Shoreline Dream – Recollections of Memory


Artist: A Shoreline Dream
Album: Recollections of Memory
File Under: Newgaze
Recommended if You Like: Cocteau Twins, Swervedriver, Film School. MBV
Featured Track: Hypermode (featuring Ulrich Schnauss)

There’s been a bounty of newgaze music making its way to my mailbox lately and I have no complaints with this one in particular. A Shoreline Dream is a Denver-based quartet who have been described by fans as ‘Melodipsych Rockers’.  Their forthcoming release Recollections of Memory is set to drop on February 10 and features a fantastic collaboration with the talented Ulrich Schnauss, who is also a huge fan of the band.

Masterfully produced, the album itself is a sonic journey from start to finish.  And one that demands to be listened to in its entirety.  There will be no fast forwarding of tracks, mind you.  You will sit down, put on your headphones and let the ambient, hypnotic soundscape wash over you. 

Considering frontman Ryan Policky put his life up for ransom to produce this album independently and ensure everything about the band – it’s sound, vision and integrity – was kept in tack, it deserves nothing less than your full attention.

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