Product Review: Apple In Ear Headphones


I practically begged for these for Christmas and Santa did not disappoint.  But boy Apple sure did. These brand spanking new headphones from Apple boast ‘impressive’ sound isolation, two separate high performance drivers – a woofer and a tweeter – for rich, accurate sound and those handy dandy controls to manipulate the volume, terminate calls, etc.  Priced at $79, my guess it was positioned to compete with the Bose In Ear set.

These headphones were so disappointing I took them back to the Apple store, hoping they were defective. Everything sounded tinny – like it was all tweeter and no woofer.  I actually compared them to the $29 basic headphones and the cheap ones sounded better! After consulting with one of the ‘Geniuses’ who told me they were performing to ‘spec’, I promptly returned them.  

Now I’m back to the $29 version and on the hunt for a new high performance headset that is iPhone compatible. Suggestions?  Stay tuned.

4 thoughts on “Product Review: Apple In Ear Headphones

  1. Yeah, I haven’t heard anything good about those Apple in hear headphones. I’m pretty happy with my Shure E2cs. You have to make sure that you get the right fit (they come with 9 different sleeves), but once you do, they sound pretty great.

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