5 Reasons Why Caribou Rules

5 Reasons Why Caribou Rules

  1. Daniel Snaith. He’s a genius and a drummer.
  2. It’s REAL electronic music made with musicians, not machines.
  3. Drummer Brad Weber is badass.
  4. Drums, drums and more drums.
  5. Their proclivity for minor keys, dual drumming and off beat cymbal patterns.

I love you, Caribou.

3 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Caribou Rules

  1. So if I’m not mistaken…you dig the drummer?

    Drums do make a HUGE difference in a band. I saw your tweet that said something like you judge a band by their drummer… I sometimes find myself doing that as well. There’s something about how a good drummer hits the snare… that “POP” shoots through your body and you cant help but take notice.

    So to sum up, Drummers are cool.

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