The days of Mommy and me bath time are officially over.  Our innocent games of squirt toys, pirate ships and rubber ducky have now turned wrong…really wrong. The first cause for alarm was when he tried to use my chest as a race track for his cars. In an attempt to redirect his attention, I leaned over to fish out his squirty dinosaur toys from the bottom of the tub.  When I sat up he said, “Ohhh, Mommy, your boobies are all wet. Shake ’em off, Momma, shake ’em off.”  

Whoa! Okay, all done. While I do feel a little violated, in a strange way I think I’ve gained more insight and perspective into the male mind.  It’s all starting to make sense this nature vs. nurture thing.  You really can’t help yourselves, can you?  You just learn how to censor yourselves with age.

Check out Canadian indie rock quartet The D’Urbervilles “We Are the Hunters”. Their debut album We Are the Hunters is out now.  Look for them at SXSW.