Charlotte Gainsbourg – “Trick Pony” + Flaunt Mag Photos

Charlotte Gainsbourg – “Trick Pony”

As I’ve stated before, j‘ai taime Charlotte. Her latest album, IRM, is one of my favorites this year. ย Both her and her music are impossibly sexy, cool and hip on all levels. Even if the subject matter is on the topic of a head injury she endured after a water skiing accident in which she had to undergo surgery and countless MRIs (or IRMs in French). So when Flaunt Magazine sent me photos from their recent issue featuring shots of Charlotte snapped by famed photographer Kurt Iswarienko, how could I refuse?

IRM, produced by Beck, is out now. ย Get it if you haven’t already.

Band of Skulls @ Bimbos

Third time is a charm so they say. And the Band of Skulls show last week at Bimbos was definitely that. They’ve been hitting the States hard promoting their debut album, Baby Darling DollFace Honey, and it is one of my favorite albums of 2009. This was the third performance I caught of theirs this year. It’s been fun to see them climb the venue ladder of success. First Harlot, then Cafe du Nord. Now Bimbos. What’s next? We’ll wait and see.