Stuck In My Head: Bear Hands – “Crime Pays”

Artist: Bear Hands
Album: Burning Bush Supper Club
Track: “Crime Pays”

I’ve been spooling on this debut LP from Brooklyn-based Bear Hands for the past couple of weeks, especially this track. It’s just downright irresistible. If you like MGMT, Passion Pit and Animal Collective, you’ll like this. So get on it and order it here. Because everyone knows that crime DOESN’T pay artists.

One thought on “Stuck In My Head: Bear Hands – “Crime Pays”

  1. The worst crime is murder. Much of the rest, even fraud and robbery, is reversible over time. I wonder if every person knows about self if he (or she) is capable of killing? Or what is the deepest reason a person wouldn’t actually go and kill someone? Is it some sort of a pledge?

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