The Coldest Morning Light

The Pharmacy “Coldest Morning Light”

Sigh. It’s hard to be a music snob. Really it is.  It causes a lot of mental agitation and angst when you’re not in control of your music destiny.  Take the past four days as a case in point, where I immersed myself willingly in a yoga retreat, voluntarily abstaining from my usual mental masturbation of work, music, blogging and other social media. As a result, my unoccupied mind went into a panic. The only cure, of course, was music. In need of a distraction my mind started creating playlists in my head (coming your way soon). I made a game out of coming up with the perfect song for every pose, every memorable moment. I turned into Mary Katherine Gallagher, whose feelings could be best expressed by …well you know the rest.

This morning when I woke up to the cold rain and fog clinging against the Napa hillsides, my mind immediately went to The Pharmacy’s, ‘Cold Morning Light’. First discovered at SXSW this year, the New Orleans based trio has an interesting garage pop vibe that hooked me immediately. The band is heading out on a European tour, along with other acts like Dum Dum Girls, in support of their current album Weekend. Check it out EU friends.

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