Bear Hands – “Bullshit Saviour Complex”

Artist: Bear Hands
Album: Songs From Utopia
Released: July 4, 2012
Hails From: Brooklyn
Featured Track: “Part II Bullshit Saviour Complex”

You know when you have a live moment with a band that forever seals your music destiny with them? I had that in 2010 with Bear Hands at SXSW. The upstart band making their way through the scene. I will always have fond memories of that show, the people I was with, the good times we were having. Very happy to be diving into the follow up to “Burning Bush Supper Club” from Brooklyn-based group. You’ll always have a place in my heart!

Stuck In My Head: Bear Hands – “Crime Pays”

Artist: Bear Hands
Album: Burning Bush Supper Club
Track: “Crime Pays”

I’ve been spooling on this debut LP from Brooklyn-based Bear Hands for the past couple of weeks, especially this track. It’s just downright irresistible. If you like MGMT, Passion Pit and Animal Collective, you’ll like this. So get on it and order it here. Because everyone knows that crime DOESN’T pay artists.