Buke & Gass – “Medulla Oblongata”

Buke & Gass “Medulla Oblongata”

Brooklyn-based Buke & Gass (pronounced byook & gace) are Arone Dyer on the “buke” (a self-modified six-string former baritone ukulele) and Aron Sanchez on the “gass” (a guitar-bass hybrid of his own creation). Rumor has it that Brassland (their current label) co-founders Aaron and Bryce Dessner discovered Buke & Gass when they played Sycamore, the basement venue down the street from The National’s home studio in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn. They were so blown away that their self-produced the full-length record, Riposte, is now due out on the label September 14th. “Medulla Oblongata” is the first track from that album. Expect to hear more from this duo.

3 thoughts on “Buke & Gass – “Medulla Oblongata”

  1. Gass. Brilliant!

    It’s a great track; even the looped picture above shows they’ve got a knack for invention…cheers for posting!

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