New Music: Black Lips – “Before You Judge Me”

Black Lips – “Before You Judge Me

“Before you judge me/Better find somebody else. Before you judge me, take look at yourself.” That’s right, gosh darn it. The tyranny of judgement. Has anyone escaped it in life? We’ve all experienced the condemnation of judgement at some point in time.  Or perhaps have been the perpetrator ourselves. But as a wise woman once said “if you judge people, you have no time to love them.”

So judge not, my friends.  Unless it’s music, of course.  For I do believe that one can accurately judge a man’s character by the music he keeps. But rest assured, adding this Black Lips track to your collection will surely save you from the purgatory of bad music taste. The single was released this week as part of The Adult Swim series of 8 tracks released over 8 weeks. Check it out.

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