Free SF Show: Black Lips, Thee Oh Sees, Bare Wires

Black Lips“Take My Heart”

Thee Oh Sees “Tidal Wave”

Bare Wires“Dancing on a Dime”

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Dayam. Mike’s Concert Calendar is always full of good nuggets but this one takes the prize. Sailor Jerry is sponsoring a line up not to be missed Saturday, December 11 with The Black Lips, Thee Oh Sees and Bare Wires. All this at San Francisco’s new SF PublicWorks no less. The Black Lips are not officially on tour but in the studio recording their next album with Mark Ronson, a Grammy award winning English DJ and producer who’s worked with the likes of Lily Allen, Amy Winehouse and Q-Tip. An interesting collaboration indeed. Will they ever sound the same? We could find out. Reportedly they might be debuting some new tunes at the show! I predict fans will be hanging from the rafters for this one.

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New Music: Black Lips – “Before You Judge Me”

Black Lips – “Before You Judge Me

“Before you judge me/Better find somebody else. Before you judge me, take look at yourself.” That’s right, gosh darn it. The tyranny of judgement. Has anyone escaped it in life? We’ve all experienced the condemnation of judgement at some point in time.  Or perhaps have been the perpetrator ourselves. But as a wise woman once said “if you judge people, you have no time to love them.”

So judge not, my friends.  Unless it’s music, of course.  For I do believe that one can accurately judge a man’s character by the music he keeps. But rest assured, adding this Black Lips track to your collection will surely save you from the purgatory of bad music taste. The single was released this week as part of The Adult Swim series of 8 tracks released over 8 weeks. Check it out.

The Almighty Defenders: Black Lips + King Khan + Mark Sultan


Vice Records announced on their website last week that King Khan and BBQ Show, the Black Lips and Mark Sultan have joined forces to create a new band, The Almighty Defenders.  Wow! Just pause for a moment to wrap your head around that one. Both King Khan and Black Lips have such notorious live shows, one can hardly image what would happen if they all got on stage and performed together. Spontaneous combustion?

Their self-titled debut is due out September 22.  No MP3s released as of yet, but I will be tracking this one closely.

Dig For Fire Episode: Black Lips

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The Black Lips have a new album, 200 Million Thousand, coming out February 24. Listen to the single, ‘Starting Over‘.  The notorious, ever-touring bunch will be back in San Francisco April 30 at The Great American Music Hall.  In the meantime, enjoy this new DigForFire episode.

‘Starting Over:

Bad Kids

Great.  My son’s been in pre-school for 3 weeks now and I’m already getting reports that he’s  ‘running with the bad kids’. My sweet angel who just this morning told me I made his heart happy? (Sigh) Say it ain’t so. If it is, it’s gonna be a long 12 years. 

Black Lips, ‘Bad Kids’

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Black Lips [Black Crystal Bands, Part 6]

Atlanta-based Black Lips are renowned for their rowdy, debaucherous live shows, which have included vomiting, urinating in each other’s mouths then spitting pee at the audience, and setting their pubic hair on fire. Their hard hitting 2007 release, Good Bad Not Evil, was huge for the garage punk group.  Even if the bad boy, punk image scares you,  this album will get you.  From the slower Veni Vidi Vici to the all out rockabilly O Katrina, I think you’ll be surprisingly charmed by this mischievous bunch.

Here’s their video for It Feels Alright:

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