When in Vegas…


…dance!  And so we did at Flaunt Magazine’s private party at Ghostbar featuring Diplo.  It’s not my typical genre of music but I do respect the influential and innovative DJs/producers on the scene taking music to new places. Diplo is certainly one of them and most notably accredited for bringing the Brazilian musical genre funk carioca to the United States.  My friend Vichelle was putting the hard core press on him to spin at Burning Man next year and by the end of the evening was seemingly convinced. So if he shows up on the schedule, you can all thank her personally.

Take a listen to the his remix of one of my favorite track by The Black Lips “Veni Vidi Vici”:

Black Lips [Black Crystal Bands, Part 6]

Atlanta-based Black Lips are renowned for their rowdy, debaucherous live shows, which have included vomiting, urinating in each other’s mouths then spitting pee at the audience, and setting their pubic hair on fire. Their hard hitting 2007 release, Good Bad Not Evil, was huge for the garage punk group.  Even if the bad boy, punk image scares you,  this album will get you.  From the slower Veni Vidi Vici to the all out rockabilly O Katrina, I think you’ll be surprisingly charmed by this mischievous bunch.

Here’s their video for It Feels Alright:

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