MANTRA –> What Is and What Is Not

The Vision of A Dying World “Mantra/What Is and What Is Not”

I could not blame my fellow man
I will not fear what I don’t understand
I have not known a truth so clear
I will not hate the things I fear
I will not dwell on what I’m not
I will give thanks for what I’ve got
I won’t deny what’s in my soul
I will accept what I cannot control.

Quite an inspiring song for an artist with such an apocalyptic name. The Vision of a Dying World is the work of San Diego-based Jackson Nathan Milgaten. This track is off his EP/7″ entitled “I Will Not Fear What I Don’t Understand.” Words to live by. Let’s all chant it. Milgaten will be playing San Jose’s The Gingerbread House on June 19.

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