MANTRA –> What Is and What Is Not

The Vision of A Dying World “Mantra/What Is and What Is Not”

I could not blame my fellow man
I will not fear what I don’t understand
I have not known a truth so clear
I will not hate the things I fear
I will not dwell on what I’m not
I will give thanks for what I’ve got
I won’t deny what’s in my soul
I will accept what I cannot control.

Quite an inspiring song for an artist with such an apocalyptic name. The Vision of a Dying World is the work of San Diego-based Jackson Nathan Milgaten. This track is off his EP/7″ entitled “I Will Not Fear What I Don’t Understand.” Words to live by. Let’s all chant it. Milgaten will be playing San Jose’s The Gingerbread House on June 19.

Know Your San Diego Indie Bands [Free EP Download & Vinyl Giveaway]

Beaters – “Fishage

The Paddle Boat“Air Conditioned Nightmare”

Single Screen Records wants you to know their favorite San Diego indie bands. You know, the ones that unfairly languish in obscurity. The ones that are worthy of your attention but never seem to make it over the fence. So founders Jackson Milgaten and Craig Barclift started a label to change all that. Since the label’s inception they have released 14 records from San Diego artists. They do not like to be confined to any niche or genre, however. The only common thread is the artists’ integrity and commitment to their craft. To promote their efforts, they’ve released a digital EP in an attempt to show the world the best of what is currently going on in the San Diego scene. AND I’ve got some vinyl to give away.  A copy of The Paddle Boat and Beaters album to the first person to hit me on email (theocmd at gmail dot com) or Twitter (@indierockgirl). Enjoy!

Download Single Screen Records Digital EP

1) The Paddle Boat- “Air Conditioned Nightmare”
2) Beaters- “Fishage”
3) Illuminauts- “Acid Hands”
4) The Vision of a Dying World – “Manta / What Is and What Is Not”
5) Nude Boy- “D. I. Dad”
6) Neon Dick- “Pre-existing Condition”