Juana Molina – Un Dia

Artist: Juana Molina
Album: Un Dia
File Under: Folktronica, World Music
Recommended if You Like: Beth Orton, Four Tet, David Byrne
Featured Track: Un Dia

Argentinean singer/songwriter, Juana Molina, is an amazing interpreter of sound. I discovered her by chance many years ago at Bimbos, opening for a band I can’t even remember now because her performance was so compelling and mesmerizing I’ve forgotten everything else about that night.  I’ve been an ardent fan of her dreamlike, hypnotic music ever since.  

Listening to Juana Molina is an experience in and of itself.  She’s mastered the art of looped acoustic guitar, percussion, keyboards, feedback and melodic vocals to bring to life the most far-out hypnotic sound you’ve ever laid your ears on.  Seeing her live, however, the experience transcends to another level for you realize all of this sound is created solely and independently by her.  She’s a one woman show and her talent is mind boggling.

Her fifth full length album, Un Dia, is more adventurous, upbeat and rhythmic than prior releases – making it probably more of a cross over album for her.  The feature track here, ‘Un Dia’, will give you a good sample of the beats to come on her album.  And it just gets better from there, looping and building in layers and complexity. ‘Los Hongos de Marosa’ is a highlight of the album for me. 

If you’d like to dig deeper into Juana’s musical psyche, take a look at this video.

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