Say Hello and Goodbye to The Blacks


The Blacks “Sunday Boys”

The Blacks bowled me over when I stumbled across them at SXSW a couple of years ago.  The San Fran/NYC based band has one of the most raw, energetic live shows I’ve ever seen.  Featuring guitar (Luisa Black), drums (Gavin Black) and wild-eyed tambourine player JDK Blacker, their sound has been described as the love child of Karen O. and The Jesus and Mary Chain.  They flat out rock.  And tambourine man JDK Blacker is a sight to behold.  He plays like he’s exorcizing demons and it’s absolutely spellbinding.

In a bittersweet moment last week, The Blacks released their third and final album, Tiger Songs, on Tricycle Records.  Turns out the band is calling it quits after two and a half years.  Death by tambourine, they reported. They’re breaking up because tambourine man JDK Blacker is quitting and the band wouldn’t be the same without him.  True that.

Buy Tiger Songs now through iTunes.

3 thoughts on “Say Hello and Goodbye to The Blacks

  1. “The Blacks,” not to be confused with “The Blacks”:
    There should be a database somewhere where rock ‘n’ rollers can check to see if their band’s potential name has been taken. i shall never own any music by ths NYC/SF band, because i already have a folder in my ‘puter’s music library for “Blacks, The” and i don’t want to confuse my ‘puter. Sorry, “The Blacks,” but “The Blacks” were in my head and ‘puter first!

  2. i am also partial to the blacks (#1). unfortunately they are gone as well…but may they live on in many ‘puters!

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