Foreign Born + The Veils @ Bottom of the Hill

There’s always a bit of fear and trepidation when I anticipate a show as much as I did this one.  Usually you’re setting yourself up for a disappointment, but that was not the case Monday night at San Francisco’s Bottom of the Hill.  The stellar double header of Foreign Born and The Veils definitely goes down as one of my top concerts so far this year.

Both bands were excellent, but I have to say Foreign Born really delivered an outstanding performance with a rich, polished and professional sound rarely seen at the likes of this venue.  And they had a stage show too. When’s the last time you saw a show at Bottom of the Hill with two drummers, stage lighting and smoke effects?  It was a first for me.  They were tight.

The Veils, Finn Andrews, bared his soul during the show giving such a passionate performance he could barely compose himself after “Larkspur.”  Wow, was all I could say. His vocals reigned true throughout the night and his graciousness on stage was and unexpected surprise for me.  Impressive all around.

Videos: Foreign Born “Winter Games” + The Veils “Begin Again”

I had so much fun last night at The Veils and Foreign Born show at Bottom of the Hill that I’m deeming it Veils/Foreign Born Day at The OCMD.  Luckily, both bands have cooperated with me and released new videos today.  Check it out.  I think Finn Andrews was wearing the exact same outfit on stage as in the video.  Be forewarned, “Begin Again” is pretty intense and graphic.

Live footage from the show last night coming soon!