7×7 Mag Reports on San Francisco’s All Ages Music Venue Battle

San Francisco’s 7×7 Magazine has now stepped into the mix to shed some light on our city’s battle to keep our cherished all ages music venues alive – such as Bottom of the Hill, Slim’s, The Fillmore and Cafe du Nord.

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SF Music Venues Continue to Battle ABC for Licensing

The battle between California’s Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) and some of San Francisco’s most beloved all ages music venues wages on.  Here’s a YouTube clip of a recent report from NBC 11 explaining the situation. Imagine a San Francisco without a Bottom of the Hill, Great American Music Hall, Cafe du Nord and Slims.  I cannot!  Here’s what you can do to get involved.

ABC Email and website:
SFO.Direct@abc.ca.gov Attn: Brett Musselman

Email Senator Mark Leno!

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State Targeting Legendary SF All Ages Music Venues

Bottom of the Hill - One of SF's all ages music venues in question

Bottom of the Hill - One of SF's all ages music venues under scrutiny by the ABC.

The San Francisco Chronicle ran a disturbing story this weekend on legally questionable new regulations the state of California’s Department of Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) is trying to impose on some of San Francisco’s legendary all ages music venues.  If enforced some of the City’s best music clubs – Bottom of the Hill, Great American Music Hall, Slim’s and Cafe du Nord – may be forced to close.

All of these businesses are able to operate as all ages venues because they serve food, as required by the ABC.  Recently, however, the agency has decreed that at least half of the clubs’ revenue must come from food sales. The problem is that most of their income comes from alcohol and ticket sales. While the code makes no mention of a minimum sales requirement, some clubs are having conditions set on their license by the ABC contingent upon these new requirements – such as food sales exceeding alcohol sales.

Luckily the jurisdiction of the ABC is being questioned by elected officials, including San Francisco Supervisor Sophie Maxwell and state Sen. Mark Leno.  Still, it can’t hurt for the community to get involved in the fight to preserve our best music venues – and a right of passage.  

(Thanks Al for forwarding this story!)

White Lies


white lies
1). n : an unimportant lie (especially one told to be tactful or polite)
2). proper noun. London-based buzz band whose early 80s inspired rock has drawn comparisons to Echo and the Bunnymen, Joy Division, Editors and Interpol

White Lies. I tell them everyday. It’s a necessity when you’re a parent. I used to feel guilty about it but then I read a book recently called “Outwitting Toddlers that cited ‘white lies’ as a bona fide parenting tactic and have been absolved from all feelings of guilt and remorse ever since. Case in point, my little man resisted brushing his teeth relentlessly until I told him they would turn green and fall out like a pirate if he didn’t. Now I don’t even have to remind him to brush anymore.  

While I’m not sure if the name for this London-based buzz band was born out of such literal inspiration, it all seems so fittingly British and…well-mannered.  All stereotypes aside, these guys are making some noise with their early 80s-inspired moody debut, To Lose My Life. They are the first British band to chart a number one album in the U.K. in 2009 and have now diligently set their sites on America. The band hit the ground running at SXSW, playing to packed crowds at every turn and delivering live performances that had tongues wagging – ‘big time’.

See for yourself what all the fuss is about April 11 at Slims in San Francisco.

Listen to “Death“:

Ticket Giveaway: Wintersleep @ Slims – November 24


I have two tickets to giveaway to see one of my favorite newcomers, Nova Scotia-based Wintersleep, at Slim’s in San Francisco on November 24.  Send an email to theOCMD@gmail.com by this Wednesday, November 19th to win.  I’ll pick a winner randomly.

Reportedly, they put on an excellent live show.  As one fan put it, ‘Wintersleep turned me from a casual listener to a fan in one show.’

Listen to ‘Drunk on Aluminum’: 

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