State Targeting Legendary SF All Ages Music Venues

Bottom of the Hill - One of SF's all ages music venues in question

Bottom of the Hill - One of SF's all ages music venues under scrutiny by the ABC.

The San Francisco Chronicle ran a disturbing story this weekend on legally questionable new regulations the state of California’s Department of Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) is trying to impose on some of San Francisco’s legendary all ages music venues.  If enforced some of the City’s best music clubs – Bottom of the Hill, Great American Music Hall, Slim’s and Cafe du Nord – may be forced to close.

All of these businesses are able to operate as all ages venues because they serve food, as required by the ABC.  Recently, however, the agency has decreed that at least half of the clubs’ revenue must come from food sales. The problem is that most of their income comes from alcohol and ticket sales. While the code makes no mention of a minimum sales requirement, some clubs are having conditions set on their license by the ABC contingent upon these new requirements – such as food sales exceeding alcohol sales.

Luckily the jurisdiction of the ABC is being questioned by elected officials, including San Francisco Supervisor Sophie Maxwell and state Sen. Mark Leno.  Still, it can’t hurt for the community to get involved in the fight to preserve our best music venues – and a right of passage.  

(Thanks Al for forwarding this story!)

11 thoughts on “State Targeting Legendary SF All Ages Music Venues

  1. They could probably have some free food during the shows and then the price of tickets could be considered food revenue. I’m sure the kids wouldn’t mind a piece of pre-show pizza.

  2. This is just another example of the crappy journalism we are forced to suck down via the chronicle. Fear-based, hyperbole reigns over factual investigative journalism here now and until the Chron goes under.

    Thanks for forwarding, but it’ll never happen.

    • Ryan,

      I’m one of the owners of Bottom of the Hill. Our efforts to resist the ABC have already cost us $27,000 in legal fees. We may not ultimately be closed – but the recent assist by the Chron has been huge. Had we not formed a coalition with Slim’s, DuNord, the GAMH, etc., hired joint representation, hired a PR firm, and reached out to the media – we’d be history. Your flippant response is, quite frankly, offensive. Don’t confuse your opinion with the truth. we’ve been up against this for 15 months.

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    • Such little faith you have in your friend! It’s just his way of saying he loves us, right? Actually, he’s good about mixing up the positive with the negative. Granted, it is about a 5:1 ratio, but it’s there. 🙂

  5. Hey, the bay bridged credits the OCMD for shedding some light on this article!! Go OCMD!!

    Sadly it is just more evidence of how f*cked up our music scene is.

    Can we all move to austin?

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