Sexy Neighbors – “The Chain”

Sexy Neighbors“The Chain”

Sexy neighbors. I can tell you a thing or two about that because, hands down, my neighbor brings home THE hottest guys I’ve ever seen in San Francisco. Sigh, too bad he’s gay. (bah dum bum). True story, but I digress. In all seriousness, I almost chalked this album up as my beloved mystery album of 2010. It’s been on rotation in my car for months now but I lost the one sheet, lost the CD cover and the files on the album were not encoded with any information (shame on you Sexy Neighbors)! It wasn’t until I found the album cover wilting under a pile of used Blue Bottle coffee cups that discovered the identity of this band. Sexy Neighbors are Brooklyn-based group that bring me back to the debut days of Violent Femmes. Their messy sound teeters on the verge of completely falling apart. And just when you think it will, they pull it back together into something altogether different, compelling. It’s brilliant and full of surprises. I love it.