Another One Bites the Dust


First Muxtape, now Mixwit.  Another online mixtape playlist service bites the dust. There’s not a whole lot of information posted as to why Mixwit is shutting it’s doors, but one can only guess the RIAA has a hand in it.

Here’s the announcement in it’s entirety. 

We regret to announce that Mixwit will cease to exist at the end of the year.The website and profiles will be turned off around Dec 27th and all embedded widgets will stop playing before the end of December.

We’ve put a year of work into Mixwit so this choice wasn’t taken lightly. I won’t go into the details of our situation but state simply that we boldly marched into in a position best described as “between a rock and a hard place.” We’re very grateful to be have been part of the mixtape revival of ‘08 and are satisfied to be able to to bow out while things are still good.

You guys are all amazing. It’s clear that all of you put a ton of time and effort into your mixes. For me personally, I was looking forward to all of the designs people created for their tapes. There was a lot of basic tapes and many lovely photos, but the designs and artwork – WOW!

We’re very sorry that this has to end. We’re going to try to figure out some way to archive the artwork and playlists, if for nothing at least historic value. As for now, everything needs to be shut down by the end of the year just to make sure we’ve got a clean start for 2009.

We’ll return early next year with a new company and new toys. Until then, enjoy the holidays and please take good care of yourselves, your families, and your friends =)


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8tracks is the New Muxtape

With Muxtape still battling the RIAA, 8tracks has emerged as the new online MP3 playlist solution.  8tracks allows you to create a playlist of 8 tracks and share it with your friends online.  It’s easy to use and they are Beta testing an Uploader feature for Mac users that allows you to drag and drop a playlist directly from iTunes to 8track. Hmmm, given how DRM happy Apple is, I wonder how long that will last.  Well, go check it out now before the RIAA shuts them down too.

Here’s a mix I created for the Treasure Island Music Festival this Sunday in San Francisco, featuring Fleet Foxes, Port O’Brien, The Dodos, Okkervil River, The Morning Benders, Vampire Weekend, Dr. Dog and The Raconteurs.  Can’t wait!

Listen to Treasure Island Music Festival Playlist.

For a more complete sampler of Sunday’s line up, check out HearYa’s complete playlist of all the artists featured.

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buy it at insound!

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3 Million Records and “No one gives a damn”

If you want evidence that the digital music era is here to stay, look no further than this story. An interesting post on Gizmodo reported that Paul Mawhinney, owner of the worlds largest vinyl record collection, is trying to sell his inventory of 3 million records. Unfortunately, he says “no one gives a damn.”

Paul used to run a record store and never sold the last copy of any album or single.  Over the years he has amassed an impressive collection of over 3 million records. Now in failing health, he’s trying to sell it. The collection has been appraised at $50 million but he’s asking a mere $3 million.  He’s had no serious offers.

While this is clearly a sign of the times, it is pretty sad that no one is stepping up to preserve such a piece of history as this.  Hey, why doesn’t the RIAA buy it?  Clearly they’re stuck in the analog music model anyway.  That would actually be a useful function of the organization – to preserve history, as opposed to thwarting progress.

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RIAA Shuts Down Muxtape

Muxtape – the popular online mixtape service that allows users to make 12-song playlists of their music and share them online – has been temporarily shut down to resolve an undisclosed dispute with the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

There’s no specific reason for the shutdown listed on their site, though it is likely due to it’s recent rise in popularity, including a slot on PC Magazine’s Top 100 Undiscovered Sites.

“No artists or labels have complained,” Muxtape wrote on its Tumblr blog. “The site is not closed indefinitely. Stay tuned. Beta users of Muxtape ForBands: you are unaffected by this outage.”

When is the record industry going to wake up, accept reality and join us in the 21st century?  Not soon enough apparently.

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