2009 Polaris Prize Short List Announced; Handsome Furs Snubbed Again


The acclaimed Canadian Polaris Music Prize committee has announced their short list for the 2009 awards. And shockingly, The Handsome Furs get snubbed again. Balls! What’s wrong with you Canuks?  Well, needless to say, I’m disappointed.  I thought this year would be their time to shine.  And with all do respect to the nominees that did make the cut, sorry for the rant and congratulations. I’m going to cast my vote for Chad VanGaalen, but my guess is Metric or K’NAAN or Great Lake Swimmers will win.

Artist: Elliott BROOD
Album: Mountain Meadows
From: Toronto
Listen: “The Valley Town”

Artist: Fucked Up
Album: The Chemistry Of Common Life
From: Toronto
Listen: “No Epiphany”

Artist: Great Lake Swimmers
Album: Lost Channels
From: Toronto
Listen: “Everything is Moving So Fast”

Artist: Hey Rosetta!
Album: Into Your Lungs (and around your heart and on through your blood)
From: St. John’s
Listen: “I’ve Been Asleep for A Long, Long Time

Artist: K’NAAN
Album: Troubadour
From: Toronto
Listen: “If Rap Gets Jealous”

Artist: Malajube
Album: Labyrinthes
From: Montréal
Listen: “Porte Disparu”

Artist: Metric
Album: Fantasies
From: Toronto
Listen: “Help, I’m Alive”

Artist: Joel Plaskett
Album: Three
From: Halifax
Listen: “It’s Catchin’ On”

Artist: Chad VanGaalen
Album: Soft Airplane
From: Calgary
Listen: “Willow Tree”

Artist: Patrick Watson
Album: Wooden Arms
From: Montréal
Listen: “Tracy’s Waters”